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Genre: 2016, Action, Comedy
    • The Brothers Grimsby poster
    • Director: Louis Leterrier
    • Writer: Sacha Baron Cohen (screenplay), Phil Johnston (screenplay), Peter Baynham (screenplay), Sacha Baron Cohen (story), Phil Johnston (story)
    • Stars: Sacha Baron Cohen, Rebel Wilson, Freddie Crowder, Jon-Jon Lockwood
    • Runtime: 83 min
    • Rated: R
    • Released: 11 Mar 2016
    • Country: UK, Australia
    • Language: English
  • Dim-witted Nobby lives with his loving girlfriend and nine children, in a fishing town. He has been searching for his long-lost brother, called Sebastian, for the past 28 years. When they finally meet, Nobby finds out that his brother is a secret agent, who is on the run after being accused falsely.

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