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Genre: 2016, Comedy
    • Zoolander 2 poster
    • Director: Ben Stiller
    • Writer: Justin Theroux, Ben Stiller, Nicholas Stoller, John Hamburg, Drake Sather (character Derek Zoolander), Ben Stiller (character Derek Zoolander)
    • Stars: Justin Bieber, Jon Daly, Penélope Cruz, Ben Stiller
    • Runtime: 102 min
    • Rated: PG-13
    • Released: 12 Feb 2016
    • Country: USA
    • Language: English, Italian
  • After a long time of being isolated from the real world, models Hansel and Derek have returned to the spotlight. As the models went to a new fashion event, they were surprised to see just how much the business has changed. They also came across an agent who said she needs help to save the world.

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